RIIP regional course 2013

Digital image processing/analysis tools in Light Microscopy: From the basics and beyond”

 macrophage (green) with phagocytosed Leishmania parasite (red)

Macrophage (green) with phagocytosed Leishmania parasite (red).
A.Papadaki, E.Xingi, H.Boleti (HPI-LMU)

An 8-day practical course scheduled to take place at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Athens Greece, in June 10-17, 2013.Its objective is to provide theoretical and practical training in basic and advanced concepts and methods of digital image analysis and in the use of several open source and commercial software for quantitative assessment of fluorescence microscopy data through:
•  Lectures
•  Hands – on practicals with participants’ microscopy data or data provided by the instructors
•  Informal discussions and tutorials with experts in the field

The course focuses on topics related to biomedical applications in the fields of infectiology, neurobiology and cell biology.

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Participants are PhD students, post doctoral fellows and young investigators  involved in research projects requiring fluorescence microscopy imaging and digital image processing/analysis.

Participants come  from Balkan, S.E. Mediterranean or N. African countries or work in institutes members of  the” Institut Pasteur International Network “  (Reseau International Institut Pasteur).

The practical part of the course (afternoon sessions) will attend a limited number of 20 scientists (registration fee: 120 €)

Attendance of the theoretical part for the 5 days requires  registration (registration fee: 25 €).

(Follow up of the entire program is required to receive a certificate of attendance).

Sponsors : Reseau International des Instituts Pasteur, Institut Pasteur, INSTITUT CARNOT Pasteur Maladies Infectieuses

Main Organizer: Dr Haralabia Boleti

Co Organizers:Dr Jean Christophe Olivo-Marin, Dr Dimitra Thomaidou

Contact person: Dr Haralabia Boleti, Hellenic Pasteur Institut, Athens, Greece

 Tel. +30 2106478879; e-mail: hboleti@pasteur.gr

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